Success thanks to quality!

This is the principle we have been following for 200 years. More precisely, since 1799, when the company was founded in Hachenburg by Wilhelm Schneider. This makes Gebrüder Schneider GmbH one of the oldest companies in its industry.

Founded as a factory for wire products in 1799, the company Gebr. Schneider has been manufacturing electric working lamps for almost 100 years. After the introduction of strict international safety regulations, the initially rather primitive lamps have been improved constantly. We now manufacture working lights for the automotive industry, craftsmen and home improvers, as well as lamps for large construction sites, the agriculture, mining and oil industry.

Due to our extensive product range, Gebrüder Schneider is deemed one of the largest manufacturers of working lights in Germany. Currently, more than 50 % of our products are exported to Europe and other countries worldwide.

Every country has its own safety regulations. Europe has the EN standard which is ensuring even greater safety for the user of electronic equipment such as working lights.

These working lights include rubber-coated portable lamps for 60 and 100 watt, PVC lamps 60 watt with full protective insulation, infrared radiant heaters for animal breeding, as well as lamps with modern illuminants for workshops and halogen floodlights for large construction sites. In short, we have the right product for every application in our range.

The company Gebrüder Schneider operates on factory premises of approx. 12000 square metres. Approximately 50 employees are working in production, assembly and administration.

We were able to extend our range with the production line “wire and metal processing” which enables us to supply stamped and bent parts for the automotive and office furniture industry.

In addition to that, we supply our customers in the lighting and beverage industry with moulded wire parts.

The history of your success – from the beginning until now

Our company history is a scrapbook and pedigree of our success. On 28 pages, you will learn everything you always wanted to know about GSH - Direkt.

Our company history contains exclusive illustrations and information from the past and present.

I thank you for your interest in our history and hope you enjoy reading it.

Company history (only in german)

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