Lighting by Gebrüder Schneider GmbH

Our functional lamps offer many different applications for the industry, trade and workshops. Our high-quality range of lamps is characterized by robust and impact-proof processing, and easy handling.

Our inspection lamps are all equipped with a protective guard and a solid hood.

The rubber-coated portable lamp is resistant to impact and falling, and it is equipped with an anti-glare shield. It is equipped with a quick bulb change. Some of our fluorescent light fittings have a very low power consumption, are light-weight and easy to handle. They also have a very long service life.

Our working light is suitable for the professional use in workshops, and has 2 built-in sockets. It is a reusable lamp with a compact-energy illuminant. This makes it very efficient and perfect for heavy duty.

Our Ex lamps are suitable for petrochemistry as well as for paint shops and can be used in zone 1.

  • Infrared radiant heaters for animal breeding
  • Solar heat even when it’s cold
  • Increases the appetite and facilitates and accelerates growth
  • Improves the immune system
  • Reduces the mortality and increases profitability
  • All of our lamps are tested
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